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Article Subject Verb Componen ( number 2 )

Subject/Verb compoonent :

Grammar Diagnostic
Subject/Verb Agreement
Subjects and verbs are the necessary components of an independent clause.
The subject and verb in every sentence must agree in number: both must be
singular, or both must be plural. The verb must agree with its subject, not with
a random noun or pronoun in the sentence.
Underline the subject(s) (without modifiers or conjunctions) and circle the
correct verb.
1. Neither his younger brothers nor Mark (was, were) able to get through
2. Mary along with her sisters (is, are) waiting for the bus to Ybor.
3. One thousand dollars (was, were) enough for the down payment on the
4. Every dentist, doctor, and surgeon (is, are) at the Moffit Christmas party.
5. (Is, Are) either of the two boys paying for the new glove?
In each of the following sentences, underline the pronoun antecedent and circle
the pronoun in question, and write a “C” if the reference is correct or “E” if the
sentence contains an error in the reference. Example: __E__She talked endlessly
about her operation, and this was tiresome.
1. ____ If a student parks a motorcycle on the Tampa campus, they have to
buy a parking sticker.
2. ____Neither of the captains brought her kickball.
3. ____Although the skateboard ran into the golf cart, these were not
4. ____When Dr. Murray addresses a student, it bows.
5. ____If you do well on this grammar diagnostic, you can put it in your
Adjectives and Adverbs
In the following sentences, underline the word or words being modified and
circle the correct form of the adjective or adverb.
1. As I proceeded to take the test, I grew more and more (sleepy, sleepily).
2. The second segment of the grammar diagnostic seemed (some,
somewhat) lighter than the first.
3. One wonders whether he will remain (fearless, fearlessly) after he is
confronted by Miss Wise.
4. You should take your truck to my mechanic because he’s (real, really)
5. Even though we must drive (cautious, cautiously), we should reach
Orlando by dark.
Sentence Fragments
For each of the following lines, write C if the group of words forms a complete
sentence or F if it is a fragment.
1. ____Although they belonged to the club and had played golf there before.
2. ____Riding bicycles in the winter when the weather is warm.
3. ____Driving to the beach for spring break is a great idea.
4. ____Within each room, a dizzying array of colors and aromas inviting
visitors in.
5. ____She fell.
Comma Splices and Fused Sentences
For each of the following sentences, write a C if the group of words properly
forms a sentence or a CS if the group of words forms a run-on. If the group of
words contains a comma splice or represents a fused sentence, please add the
necessary punctuation to correct the run-on.
1. ____She often watched the football game highlights when they were on
the College Sports Network, her dorm mate preferred to watch the games
2. ____He enjoys walking through the Hillsborough County parks, and he
often goes backpacking on his vacations.
3. ____I didn’t know which job I wanted after I graduated this April, and I
was too confused to decide.
4. ____The SunDome parking lot is always full after nine in the morning;
however, the lot across the street sometimes remains empty all day.
5. ____ They weren’t activists; they were dangerous criminals in disguise.
Misplaced Modifiers
In the following sentences, indicate one of the following: (A) misplaced phrase
or clause; (B) ambiguous modifier—also called “squinting modifier”; (C)
misplaced word; (D) split infinitive; (E) correct.
____A piece was played at the concert that was composed of dissonant chords.
____The girl who had been dancing gracefully entered the room.
____The baby only cried until he was six months old.
____He always tries to efficiently and promptly do his work.
____Because everyone else was inside, only I heard John shouting at the boys.
Circle the correct term, e.g., She wants to (lay, lie) by the pool while she
1. How (good, well) do you know her?
2. The (effect, affect) of what I said seemed to (effect, affect) her greatly.
3. (Accept, except) for the two of us, there were few others there.
4. (Its, It’s) raining outside of the library, but (its, it’s) not raining by the
Marshall Center.
5. Should (fewer, less) children go with you?
Circle the correct response.
1. He went (west, West) after he left New York, but he returned a year later
to spend the rest of his life in the (east, East).
2. The word (“tree,” tree) has two (“e’s,” e’s).
3. In Homer’s (“The Odyssey,” The Odyssey), Penelope waits many years for
(Ulysses’, Ulysses’s) return.
4. (Mary’s, Mary) and Donald’s house is extremely beautiful and (well made,
5. Hemingway’s short story (“A Clean Well-Lighted Place,” A Clean Well-
Lighted Place), reminds me of the poem (“The Heavy Bear,” The Heavy
In the following sentences, insert any necessary punctuation.
1. In his address at the St. Pete Times Forum Senator Obama made the
following statement: George Washington the first President of the United
States could have been king if he had wished.
2. She is a friendly warm-hearted person I know that she will be popular
with everyone
3. Was it Franklin D. Roosevelt who said The only thing we have to fear is
fear itself?
4. The author Hans Christian Andersen born in Odense Denmark was a
much-loved writer of children’s stories.
5. Sally Mobley she’s the girl over there in the blue shorts will probably be
our tennis champion this year.

reference mywrite : www.grammarquiz.com


A word that indicates an action, event, or state.
Appears in these related concepts:

Naming Your Naysayers
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reference : https://www.boundless.com/writing/style-structure-grammar/grammar/making-subject-and-verbs-agree/


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static pressure ( tugas softskill 1 ) 2014

static pressure

An aircraft’s altimeter is operated by the static pressure system. An aircraft’s airspeed indicator is operated by the static pressure system and the pitot pressure system .[1]
The static pressure system is open to the exterior of the aircraft to sense the pressure of the atmosphere at the altitude at which the aircraft is flying. This small opening is called the static port. In flight the air pressure is slightly different at different positions around the exterior of the aircraft. The aircraft designer must select the position of the static port carefully. There is no position on the exterior of an aircraft at which the air pressure, for all angles of attack, is identical to the atmospheric pressure at the altitude at which the aircraft is flying.[2] The difference in pressure causes a small error in the altitude indicated on the altimeter, and the airspeed indicated on the airspeed indicator. This error in indicated altitude and airspeed is called position error.[3] [4]
When selecting the position for the static port, the aircraft designer’s objective is to ensure the pressure in the aircraft’s static pressure system is as close as possible to the atmospheric pressure at the altitude at which the aircraft is flying, across the operating range of weight and airspeed. Many authors describe the atmospheric pressure at the altitude at which the aircraft is flying as the freestream static pressure. At least one author takes a different approach in order to avoid a need for the expression freestream static pressure. Gracey has written "The static pressure is the atmospheric pressure at the flight level of the aircraft". [5][6] Gracey then refers to the air pressure at any point close to the aircraft as the local static pressure.

Static pressure in fluid dynamics

The concept of pressure is central to the study of fluids. A pressure can be identified for every point in a body of fluid, regardless of whether the fluid is in motion or not. Pressure can be measured using an aneroid, Bourdon tube, mercury column, or various other methods.
The concepts of total pressure and dynamic pressure arise from Bernoulli's equation and are significant in the study of all fluid flows. (These two pressures are not pressures in the usual sense - they cannot be measured using an aneroid, Bourdon tube or mercury column.) To avoid potential ambiguity when referring to pressure in fluid dynamics, many authors use the term static pressure to distinguish it from total pressure and dynamic pressure. Static pressure is identical to pressure and can be identified for every point in a fluid flow field.
In Aerodynamics, L.J. Clancy[7] writes: "To distinguish it from the total and dynamic pressures, the actual pressure of the fluid, which is associated not with its motion but with its state, is often referred to as the static pressure, but where the term pressure alone is used it refers to this static pressure."
Bernoulli's equation is fundamental to the dynamics of incompressible fluids. In many fluid flow situations of interest, changes in elevation are insignificant and can be ignored. With this simplification, Bernoulli’s equation for incompressible flows can be expressed as[8][9][10]

Every point in a steadily flowing fluid, regardless of the fluid speed at that point, has its own static pressure P, dynamic pressure q, and total pressure P_0. Static pressure and dynamic pressure are likely to vary significantly throughout the fluid but total pressure is constant along each streamline. In irrotational flow, total pressure is the same on all streamlines and is therefore constant throughout the flow.[11]
The simplified form of Bernoulli's equation can be summarised in the following memorable word equation: [12] [13] [14]
static pressure + dynamic pressure = total pressure.
This simplified form of Bernoulli’s equation is fundamental to an understanding of the design and operation of ships, low speed aircraft, and airspeed indicators for low speed aircraft – that is aircraft whose maximum speed will be less than about 30% of the speed of sound.
As a consequence of the widespread understanding of the term static pressure in relation to Bernoulli’s equation, many authors [15] in the field of fluid dynamics also use static pressure rather than pressure in applications not directly related to Bernoulli’s equation.
The British Standards Institution, in its Standard[16] Glossary of Aeronautical Terms, gives the following definition:
4412 Static pressure The pressure at a point on a body moving with the fluid.
reference :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Static_pressure

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Tips And Trick About Interview :

1. Make a positive impression with the choice of your outfit. Project managers are expected to pay close attention to 
    details. Furthermore your management style will be evident based on how you present yourself.

2. During the course of your interview, answer all the questions in a calm and assertive tone. If you're caught in a tight fix,
    let your interviewer know that you need a few moments to gather your thoughts. A good project manager will process 
    all the facts internally before forming a viewpoint or responding to a query.

3. Draw reference to your experience and how it would benefit the company. Point out instances in the past where you 
    were put in charge of a project or completed a large-scale task with minimal supervision. Be vocal about any projects 
    where you were able to minimise expenditures without compromising quality.

4. A great project manager is able to work with a host of different personalities; hence your interviewer would be looking 
    for cues such as people management skills. Maintain eye contact and refrain from interrupting anyone while he or she is 

5. Enquire about additional scope or duties that the company has for their project managers that may not be listed in the 
    job description. Let your interviewer know how your skills and experience coincide with each of those requirements.

6. If you sense that the interview is winding down, emphasise your interest in the company. This can serve to bring up any
    additional information about your skills or experience that are key to the position. An example of how you can do this is, 
    "Before we wrap up, I'd like to point out one other area of my expertise that your company would find valuable."

7. As your interview draws to a close, part with a firm handshake and a light-hearted exchange. Part of your job includes
    conversing about everyday topics with your colleagues for the sake of team-building so that your interviewer will 
    appreciate your ability to transit from business to casual conversation.
    With good preparation, you can reap more benefits out of your interview for a job as a project manager.
    For more ideas on how you can craft an effective cover letter or resume, check out Resume Builder at www.stjobs.sg. At 
    STJobs, your ideal job isn't hard to find.

Complant Letter 

Most people will need to complain about unsatisfactory goods or bad service at some point in their lives. If you are writing a letter of complaint, there are some dos and don’ts that can help you get the right outcome.
  • gather all your facts before you start writing the letter, e.g. where and when goods were bought, any customer reference numbers or invoice numbers, or a record of any previous communication with the company concerned.
  • get straight to the point and set out exactly what the problem is.
  • give all the relevant information in a clear and logical sequence.
  • state what action you want the company to take and when you expect them to have done this.
  • enclose copies of any relevant documents that support your case.
  • use abusive language, however frustrated or angry you might feel.
  • allow yourself to get sidetracked from your specific problem into generalized criticism of the company or its products or services.
  • send your letter without checking it carefully for grammar or spelling mistakes.
Structuring your letter
The opening
  • Start your letter with the greeting Dear Mr (or Mrs, Ms, Miss, etc.) Surname.
  • If you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to, begin with Dear Sir or Dear Madam; if you don’t know their name or sex, use Dear Sir or Madam.
The content
  • Begin with a heading alerting the reader to the subject of the letter, and in your first sentence draw their attention to the matter you’re going to raise or discuss. For example I am writing to complain..., or I wish to express my dissatisfaction with ... or Thank you for your letter of ...
  • Introduce your main point as early as possible, stating your reason for writing in a clear, concise way. Once you have done this, you may want to give more details, perhaps adding further background or relevant facts.
  • In conclusion, you should state what your expectations are, for example Please let me know as soon as possible what action you propose to take or I look forward to hearing from you within the next ten days.

  Sumber : http://www.oxforddictionaries.com

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Tugas2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis

Central Street
Podomora City , 17967
(021) 8042920
Mustaqiem_Firma@ yahoo.com

November, 11, 2013

Mr . / Mrs . / Dr . Leadership
PT.Adhyi Karya , Tbk

Dear Mr / Mrs . Leadership ,
Based on the information I got from www.jobstreet.co.id that the company is Mr / Mrs lead today requires employees as a Hardware Engineer . Therefore I apply for the post .
I graduated S1 Computer Systems , unmarried , honest , disciplined , attractive , responsible, and able to work together in teams and individually.
As consideration for the Mr / Mrs helped me attach herewith :
Copy of diploma Last 1 Sheet
Photo 4 x 6 1 Sheet
Copy ID 1 Sheet
Curriculum Vitae 1 Sheet
Similarly petition I created this work in good faith , great hope I kindly Mr / Mrs can receive my work at a company that Mr / Mrs lead . For your attention Mr / Ms before and afterward I thank you .


Mustaqiem Firma

Curriculum Vitae

I. Personal Details

Name              : Mustaqiem Firma
Address                     : Universitas Indonesia street, Depok, West Java, 17923
Phone Number           : (021) 8099 6666

Place & Date of Birth : Singapore, Agustus 9, 1990
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Single
Religion : Islam
Nationality : Indonesia

II. Education Details

1. 1998 – 2004 SMP 3 Pekanbaru
2. 2004 – 2007 Junior High School 
3. 2007 – 2010 Senior High School

4. 2010 – 2014 Computer System Gunadarma University 

GPA = 3.00 (scale 3)
PREDICATE = Very Satisfactory

III. Job Experiences

August – September 2012 employee at PT. Adhi Karya

IV. Computer Skills

Hardware Engineer, Network Engineer, Web Design, Programming, Internet Marketing, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, making software, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop


Good attitude, kind, communicative, diligent, tolerant, target oriented, discipline, honest, and be responsible

Depok, October, 27, 2013

Mustaqiem Firma

Tugas2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis

Gatot Subrato Street
Podomora City , 17967
(021) 8042920
Mustaqiem_Firma@ yahoo.com

November, 11, 2013

Mr . / Mrs . / Dr . Leadership
PT.Adhyi Karya , Tbk

Dear Mr / Mrs . Leadership ,
Based on the information I got from www.jobstreet.co.id that the company is Mr / Mrs lead today requires employees as a Hardware Engineer . Therefore I apply for the post .
I graduated S1 Computer Systems , unmarried , honest , disciplined , attractive , responsible, and able to work together in teams and individually.
As consideration for the Mr / Mrs helped me attach herewith :
Copy of diploma Last 1 Sheet
Photo 4 x 6 1 Sheet
Copy ID 1 Sheet
Curriculum Vitae 1 Sheet
Similarly petition I created this work in good faith , great hope I kindly Mr / Mrs can receive my work at a company that Mr / Mrs lead . For your attention Mr / Ms before and afterward I thank you .


Mustaqiem Firma

Tugas2 Bahasa Inggris Bisnis

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Business Letter Definition

A business letter is a formal communication from an organization to its customers, the general public for their information, another Company or the Authorities.  It is often written in a standard format, and in formal language, compared to a private letter between two people who are well known to each other.  The business letter will show things like the address and best way to communicate with the business - by return letter, e-mail or telephone. In general, the letter will be directed to a specific person and be about one topic.  Sometimes, the business letter will be looking for a response, but might be to give important information about an up-coming change of address or telephone number.  The letter might give information about new developments - a new website; launch of a new product.  To allow the sender to handle any response more efficiently, the business letter might contain key information such as an internal reference from the sender or related to the product in question.
Parts Of Business Letter

A.   Letterhead
A letterhead is the heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper (stationery). That heading usually consists of a name and an address, and a logo or corporate design, and sometimes a background pattern. The term "letterhead" is often used to refer to the whole sheet imprinted with such a heading.

B.   The date of the letter
·         City addredd is omitter
·         Do not use numbers to represent yhe month
·         There are 2 kinds of the date. They are British Style and American Style
·         British Style:
ü  20th October 2012 / 20 October 2012

·         American Style:
ü  October 20th, 2012 /  October 20, 2012

C.   Reference line
Reference is the initial name of the person who reads or signs the letter and the name of typist. Reference Line of the incoming letter should be used along eith the reference of the replying letter.
Rf. DM / CA / S07

·         DM is the initial of the sender / signer: Duta Modjo
·         CA is the initial of the typist: Citra Ayuananda
·         S07 shows the filling number

D.   Inside address
·         The name of the company shoul be clear
·         The organization:
ü  Full name of the receiver’s name / position
ü  Location / address of receiver’s company
ü  The city and postal code
·         Don’t abbreviate the city unless understand able
·         Don’t abbreviate tittle
·         Use Mr, Mrs, Miss are used before the names

E.   Attention line
It is used if the sender wants a particular receiver to get the letter as soon as possible
Attention: Mr. Firma
                  Purchase Manager

F.    Salutation
It is the greeting of the letter. It shows the relationship between the sender and receiver

G.  Subject line
It gives the general idea of the letter
Subject: Organizing A Business Letter

H.  Body of the letter
The body is divided into 3 ( opening paragraph, message of the letter and closing paragraph). The message contains all the messages. The closing parafraph shows the gratitude and expectation.
We are considering Mr. Firma for the position of Marketing manager with our company. In the application, he mentions your name as a reference.
We would appreciate your opinion of Mr. Firma character, personality, ability to handle marketing and creativity in marketing matters.
Any information you can give us will of course be kept confidential.

I.      Complimentary close
Contains greetings shaped cover homage to their readers.

J.     Signature
It is accompanied by the sender’s full name and tittle

                                                                                              Mustaqiem Firma
K.  Enclosure
To inform enclosure for example certificate or catalogue

L.   Carbon copy nation
To inform other people who need to reveive the letter